The modern waterbed was created by Charles Prior Hall in 1968,
while he was a design student at San Francisco State University in California.

(source: wikipedia)

World waterbed day (WWD) is an annual event held on 10th of October. It is celebrated by the owners and fans of the waterbed, which is one of world’s most attractive innovation in the field of sleeping. Although the modern version was was designed by Mr. Hall in 1968, the records tell that its history dates way back to prehistoric times!

Happy owners and fans of waterbeds celebrate this special day for this four reasons:

  • Luxurious feeling of sleeping on a cloud is something no one can forget. The fusion of a waterbed and your body is a sensational experience.
  • Constant heating system makes the bed warm every night. Saying goodbye to cold feet and freezing before falling asleep is one of the greatest reasons of staying loyal to a waterbed!
  • Being an owner of a waterbed also means having nothing to do with dirty mattresses full of bed mice and other small creatures. We just put the covers to a washing machine and wipe the dirt of the water cores and we’re done! Easy peasy.
  • Having backaches? Water is a natural element that will adjust to your body exactly where it needs support. No other bed or mattress can do the job as perfectly as water, nevertheless they try to copy its characteristics.

World waterbed day is organized by World waterbed association.