Article in Playboy

History sneak peek: waterbed in Playboy

Playboy is the most famous magazine for men on the world, founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner. Everybody can recognize the famous bunny with a bow tie from a distance. The magazine became famous for its spreads, centrefolds, which featured nude women in erotic positions.

The magazine still comes out every month since the 50’s, even though its founder past away last year. It was a close observer and listener of the changes through the decades and used the current events for its articles. Therefore, we cannot be surprised that in May 1970 the waterbed found its way into this cult magazine as a novelty in sleeping. The article describes sleeping, the history of beds and comfort in very poetical way and the waterbed is presented through many pictures. Let us not forget that this is still Playboy we are talking about – comely young women in Eve’s costume are lying on the beds.

The article raised popularity and recognisability of the product to the sky, but what is more important – the moment, when the waterbed got its erotic connotation. Somehow, they were sure, that the waterbed is ideal for making love. This statement could not come in better time, as it was the 70’s – time of hippies, free thinking, experimenting. These factors lead to sales boom of the waterbed in the 70’s.